update: manifestation and the Spaniards

I’ve been neglecting this blog because of my work schedule also I haven’t been inspired to write in here honestly. I’ve been prioritize my self care and focusing on work.  The last three months have been very hectic with working to jobs and slowly exiting one. Let me break this down, since late last year I was feeling like stuck, like I wasn’t learning like I need to learn more in my field or my hobby (this blog lol ). I expressed my feelings to my mentor and she recommended something that work for someone that’s completely out of  my comfort zone one day a week. I was looking and looking and couldn’t find anything that caught my eye. Early February a friend called me about an opportunity of a brand new market opening up. I’m like “Okay, Ill go” My mindset is like let me check this out and feel it out. The position was a pastry cook. As I walked in i see “Think Food Group” logo, which is Chef Jose Andres company. Jose Andres is a Spaniard chef with multiples restaurants in the states, mostly in D.C. . He also has a non profit organization “World Central Kitchen ” that provides food for countries that were devastated by disasters. He became more known after Hurricane Maria which he feed the people of Puerto Rico. His organization is still feeding the people in Puerto Rico. Jose Andres is one of the modern food innovators.

Anywho, I was like ” okay this is Jose Andres company. interesting. hes coming to New York?’ I interview and got the position on the spot and honestly I dont know how i got the position because I was a hot mess lol. I just came out of my job Breads Bakery and I had chocolate on my pants, flour on my sneakers, hair in a bun and everyone else was looking professional. I got the job by being myself and honesty. Now as I was walking out it hit me that a few years prior I envisioned myself working with Jose Andres, As I was already working for one his restaurants and then I let go of that vision. As I was walking out, I remembered and thought to myself “did i really just manifested that?Oh shit” To put the icing on the cake, he partnered with Alberto Adria and Ferran Adria. They are the pioneers of modern food innovation. At one point Ferran had the number 1 restaurant in the world “El Bulli ” Alberto has a popular Michelin star restaurant “Tickets” in Spain. Another thing, prior to getting the job, I was watching chefs table and so happened that it was the Albert Adria episode, still I didn’t think I would work under one of his businesses. Is Jose’s first New York location and is the Adria’s brothers first American business.

I’ve been manifesting goals since I was 13 before I even knew what the word was or any universe connection and before internet. I just knew Ask, believe , WORK and shall receive. I just put my mindset that it can happened before it does. I live off affirmations, it helped accomplished professional goals, personal goals and helped during my mental health healing. I still believe that we all have the power to accomplish anything we want if we work for it. If setting up your big goal breaking it down to smaller goals and those smaller goals breaking it down to mini goals it should be done. Find what works for you. Also VISION BOARD WORKS……once again VISION BOARD WORKS . I’ve been doing vision boards since I was 19. Recently I took a vision board workshop with Nancy Ruffin and it has been super effective . Why i took it ? because I wanted to see how others do it, that maybe i need to change something that I’m doing wrong. I’m one of these that I’m forever learning, even if something that I know , I discover I don’t know enough. I think people set themselves with if they know something, they don’t need to learn more from it anymore in reality is okay to continue to expand your knowledge by learning from others that know more than you. I manifested working for Jose Andres as well as I manifested being surrounded by people that Love what they do, know more than me, share their knowledge and give you opportunity. I have manifested almost everything  I wanted in my life up to this point. If I didn’t manifested is because I wasn’t aligned with it.

Manifesting is easy, using the affirmation “ASK , BELIEVE, EXECUTE AND SHALL RECEIVE” it will help you manifest. As I mentioned earlier, Write down or do a picture board whatever works for you of all your goals. Break them down into smaller goals , those smaller goals can be broken down in months, weeks, days whatever works for you. Ad continue breaking those goals down. For example i want to loose weight, how am I going to get there? Well I have to meal plan every week because cooking at home you’ll know the ingredients that’s on, drink a lot of water and exercise three to five days a week. Now where will I start create a meal plan, buying groceries, set up healthy habits, write down your exercise plan (i think that’s effective ). After that is habits and discipline that’s going to help you manifest your goals and is the part where people tend to give up. Is easy to manifest goals if you just put the work in.

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