Favorite books of 2018

If you don’t know by now, I’m a book nerd. If you don’t know the story of how I got my love for reading, well that was my punishment growing up. My dad would make me read a book and then write a book report. I would have to read the Spanish New York newspaper “El Diario” and write about an article I read. Here it is , growing up I had a speech problem . I couldn’t pronounce words, even now when I speak you’ll hear some words I have problems pronouncing them even if is repeated to me several times. I was in speech therapy till 7th grade. In 6th grade , I was in a spelling bee contest that my home room teacher nominated me for .
Reading has improved not only my speech , but it has stretch my vocabulary as well as my knowledge. Is one of my past time when I have “me time “ . Throughout the years , the book subjects have evolved I started with Judy Blume books , to the hood books , to history/science, to personal development, then business and now is everywhere.. I pick up anything that catches my eye

I’m 2018 I read a few books , I did not set out to do any book challenge , I read 28 books so far and finishing up 1 as I write this post. I thank the New York Public Library , independent bookstores like word up books and Barnes and noble is where I purchase my books mostly. Independent bookstores are coming up again. The Lit bar the only bookstore in the Bronx is about to open soon, of course word up books in the heights , cafe con libros in Bk. And a little info, Barnes and noble is struggling to bring sales because independent bookstores and Amazon is taking over . I still enjoy shopping at Barnes and noble but sometimes I want to buy bookstores at a reasonable price . Most of the time , majority of the time I use Barnes and noble as a window shopper and I’ll find it somewhere else . Currently they have no CEO. There’s a little knowledge.

Here are my favorite books I read this year.
1. “The sun does shine” by Anthony Reid Hinton .try being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit and then sit on death row for 30 years and being release because finally the Alabama state found that you did not do the crime. That’s what happen in this story . There’s a lot of these cases going on in the criminal justice system. Check out innocent project and equal justice initiative organization that are helping innocent people get out of prison

2.” The gifts of imperfection” by Dr. Brene Brown. reality of not being perfect and issues surrounding you. Dr Brene brown knows what she is talking about.

3. “In the shadow of the statues” by Mitch landrieu . ”when hearing a white man using his white privileged to combat racism and injustice is a big deal. Former New Orleans mayor has been doing this. He discussed his childhood leading up to taking down the monument.

4. Poet x by Elisabeth Acevedo debut book is written in a poetry format first time reading a book of that structure

5. A return to love by Marianne Williamson- I picked it up at NYPL and wrote cliff notes to it.

6. “Resonate” by Alex wolf is the founder of boss babe . She sold the company and is now writing and speaking about technology and human nature. If you want to start a “brand” this book will help you

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