I am a work in progress and I’m allowed to be a work in progress. What I learn I like to teach (I share why I’ve experienced ). I’ve had a few revelation this week and it was directly at me checkin myself and see what I need to address with myself. I’m an introvert by nature, I like having my alone times. However ,as I’ve gotten older and also I have mental health issues, I’ve been discovering that relationships and conversations are important for growth. They help you grow and also it can be a mirror about yourself. 

How people speak to you and treat you is a coordination of how you treat yourself. Is super cliche but that statement was very real this past week as I got into a situation were someone violated my space. Of course I was angry because I did not like how it may be feel. So how did it may me feel? Angry , humiliated, sad as well. Then I ask myself , how did I allow that to happen ? Was I not clear about the boundaries I set? This journey I am unlearning to learn what I was taught that was okay which isn’t okay. Some individuals don’t respect boundaries and that’s a decision that you must make about who you allow around you. Any small details  or action can become something bigger later on if you don’t speak up about it immediately. I’ve learned that letting shit slide because it wasn’t “a big deal” it is a big deal because is a correlation of how you view/treat yourself. The action I took : 

“I can no longer associate myself with you because you did not respect my space and I don’t need toxicity in my space . Thank you god bless” . 

But still AfterI dwell on it for a bit like why did allow it to happen ? It was a mirror on myself on what else I need to work on and not sleeping on myself because I reached a goal in life.  Is like you can’t allow anyone to sleep on you because then you’ll be sleeping on yourself. 

Moved on, forgave myself and took the lesson. 

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