Food and wine experience and networking

I mostly discuss self care on this blog However, I have to discuss the New York City Food & Wine Festival I attended this past week. It re confirmed that panels, seminars and networking events are important to growth and learning. Sometimes these events can be a little pricey and may push people away from attending because they may feel is not worth it.  I was one of those people that was pushed away from these types of events due to cost. Like I started attending the NYCFFW as a paying guest like 3 years ago, before it was like I would grab a free event or was a volunteer. I attended a panel a few years back (it was free lol ) but then I started investing in paying network events because I how they made me feel and the knowledge I was receiving. These types of events increases motivation, confidence and your network skills.  It gave me motivation and inspired creativity. Networking is a skill I am currently working on, that’s a later post….

So let me explain to my new readers, I’ve been working in the food industry for 9 years in NYC. On the side I write on this blog about my self care journey and some other things but mostly self care and health. This past week I attended the first two days of the NYC Food and Wine festival. I attended the opening night, the grand tasting and all the panels. The food and wine festival has been going on for 11 years and it raises money for Food Bank NYC ( FOODBANKNYC.ORG  ) and No Kid Hungry ( nokidhungry.org ) and it has raised $11 million . The festival tickets can go from $95 to $600 ) It includes tastings, demos, dinners, panels and vendors that you can taste and buy products. You get to network with high profile industry people to new comers.  I wanted to attend Daniel Bouloud’s dinner but it sold out quick ( note it was $350 ) so I was disappointed ]. However, I did attend the panel discussions and the grand tasting, it was the best #NYCWFF I attended.   I met new people, I tasted food and acquire knowledge. Also, I had my phone down majority of the time. I wanted to be in the moment and take in the energy and yes we do live in a connected world. It has made us more connected but sometimes we need to learn to put our phones down and be disconnected. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK in what ever your field is because it can elevate to different places or help in whatever is that you are doing. Also, you are investing in yourself. Where can you find events/panels/etc. ? ask around,  look on social media or somewhere else online. A good one is eventbrite.com  to search for networking events, Connect with your community, if you live in NYC there will always be an event in your community and from there it can connect you to other people.

The panels I attended were

1. Future bites : modern day marketing and food

2. The future of luxury traveling

3. Immigrantion and hospitality

number #3 was my favorite panel. The food industry is favoring two challenges right now 1) food waste, currently is #2 cause of Climate change 2) shortage of workers because immigrants are being deported. Immigrants make up majority of the hospitality industry.

If you just starting out I highly suggest you volunteer that’s a form of networking and gaining experience. When I started out I couldn’t get a job because it was the recession and no one was going to invest on someone that had no experience so i took volunteer opportunities and one free job that elevate me to a paying Back of house job, I preach a lot about doing what you love , doing something that makes you happy and full fill. Nourishing your soul because that’s also a form of self care. I always integrate self care into everything that I do because it has saved my sanity, real talk.

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