Spices benefits

I like making homemade food. I posted in my stories a home made pumpkin spice recipe you can use it for your coffee or a cake. The purpose of this post is for nutrition info on spices. I was introduce to the benefits of spices 4 years ago when I did my first breast cancer walk and was researching info on cure and prevention. Then last year when I got really on my weight loss, I learned more about the benefits of spices. I’ve posted before on why you shouldn’t buy flavor items at your coffee shop, for obvious reasons they have chemical ingredients that are cancerous and can overall fuck up your health. If you can not pronounce the word , DO NOT EAT IT!

Spices are so good for your health. The common benefits is blood pressure and cancer prevention. I usually buy my spices at my local market or buy them at Chelsea market from “Spices and tease” they have every spice you can think. Spices can help regulate blood sugar , fight cancer, help with digestion, helps with insomnia , etc. there’s so many of them but I’ll give you. Info for the ones i use on a regular.


I use it on my coffee (even if is black ) , oatmeal and cereal . Cinnamon helps regulate blood pressure, anti diabetics and helps fight to protect cancer. Is a sweet spice and you can buy it ground or the sticks. Is the 2nd most popular spice . You’ll find them in every coffee spot (or some ) as a topping.


Treats oral health , helps with insomnia, detoxify the body. I use it for coffee as well or a cake recipe. I use a tsp of it because the flavor is super strong.


I use whole cloves. In the Dominican Republic my aunt grows spices in her garden. I use cloves when I make Dominican oatmeal and for teas. It aids in digestion, boost immune system and controls diabetes


Turmeric has become my favorite savory spice. I use it on top of eggs, beans and soup. I was just recently introduce to this spice after reading Russell Simmons “the happy vegan” book. It helps boost immune system, fight with hair loss , cancer prevention. Is the most popular spice in the holistic health community.

Cayenne pepper

Like turmeric can help with digestion , lower blood pressure. I use it on soups mainly

DISCLAIMER: only use a teaspoon or less of these spices. Over consumption can result in stomach pains and if you have medical issues, speak with your doctor.

All spices can be used for seasoning. I know people that carry their spices when going out to eat. If you feel too intimidated by it. Google or ask a health nutritionist about the benefits of spices and cooking with them.

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