why I approach the minimalist lifestyle

Minimalist means living with less and I’ve lived this lifestyle for about 1 1/2 year. I use to have multiple materialistic things to feel me up because I’ve felt alone and felt that having these things would make me happy. It did made me happy but temporary because that’s what things/people that don’t add value to our lives in the long run do, they fill you up just for the moment but wont help you elevate. I started letting go of things, people, grudges, , doubts , low self esteem slowly ( and facing my deeper issues) and Is been one crazy ride and sweet.

I’ve been on a self care journey since 2016 after I decided to quit my job and focus on my health. I really started the journey in 2010 after I decided to seek therapy. I had chronic anemia (almost received a blood transfusion), I was very stressed out with work (self care in the food industry that’s another blog post) and I had depression. This journey has gone through its changes and I’m still on it. Part of that change is letting go of no longer serves me and rethinking what serves me. When I was at the peek of my depression I use to go shopping and buy things to fill me up, like i had over 100 pair of shoes (half never worn, no more than half )and they were just there to be there and made me feel safe. We do that as humans, we have people, things around us just to not feel alone, to feel wanted. For a years those things and people kept me safe. When the recession started, i had to sell those things to pay off debt and those people were not around as much.

When I put my mind to loose weight for real, I was also facing issues from childhood. Slowly I started releasing anger, guilt, fear, things, people and redirect my focus. I go through 3 deep cleans every year and I look through my closet and say to myself “is this serving me?” before ill keep it for an occasion, now is so easy for me to let it go. I use to have two closest and now I have one but only half fills up . I’m a simple girl that does not require a lot at this point. Part of it is me I had to let go of things that was fucking up my soul and my future. I also have habits that has helped me release, have clarity and adopt the minimalist lifestyle. I actual can think when my space is clear of clutter and my mind is clear of anger. AT the end nourish your soul, nourish others in being the best of themselves and live with gratitude.

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