Elevation mood

I’ve been doing vision boards since 19. I’ve always been the type that if you say I can’t do something I’ll prove you wrong. I remember in high school , some thought I was not going to graduate because I wasn’t in school most of the time and I was place on probation my junior year . I’m like “okay , watch me “ , I grind with taking 8 classes, pm school and nigh school , junior year going to senior year I went to summer school . What happened ? I graduated ON TIME and went straight to college that summer.

Before going to culinary school, some once again thought it was a bad choice and blah blah blah . I wouldn’t be successful and blah blah. I’m like okay , watch me. With the “I CAN “ mentality , my ambitious , passion , dedication and willing even if is a small step , Is been great for me. Loosing weight was the same thing and a few other examples.

I’ve been self motivated since that time in high school and before social media. I always wanted more, not money but like more out of life. I’m a creative so I’m always coming up with ideas. I always knew since that junior year that life was more than just work and pay bills. I knew there was more in life to just basic. So I’ve followed my own path and I have to block out the naysayers and walk on his path alone and it gets lonely.

I like the challenge, trying something new to see where my strengths can go. As you grow , the people around you will not be there because not everyone will grow as well. That’s fine there’s always new people that will come , you need new friends for new experiences , networking and connection. Drake got it all wrong with that song. As you grow , be open minded and not everyone that disagree with you is a hater. You also not for everyone and that’s fine , you won’t win them all.

When I say elevation, I mean grow as a person and professional elevation. I do not have the same mentality that I did a year ago , 6 months ago. I hold myself accountable for me and keep an open mind. Now professionally, challenge yourself , do something out of your comfort zone. Learn your craft (your passi n). Let me repeat that LEARN YOUR CRAFT. Get skilled at it everyday with the oh so many available resources that majority are FREE. When you elevate is an investment on yourself. Go elevate yourself, JUST DO IT

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