My workout playlist

I workout at the gym for 30-45 minutes and then at home. I’m currently doing Insanity Max 30 and boy is it intense. But anyways when you work out you want develop a playlist to pump you up and motivate you . I don’t play music when I’m working out, I only do it for my pre workout or on my way to the gym. I always like to play hype music to get me in the mood. I signed up for tidal and develop my own playlist.

Pre workout playlist :

Spanish music always gets me want to move and have more energy or I’ll play some hip hop most likely old Skool hip hop.


Now when I’m working out I play podcast or a YouTube video . Always inspirational or motivating. Gary Vee always motivates me. When I listen to him he pumps me up to go harder on my workout. If you haven’t heard of a Gary Vee podcast or seen his video I suggest you do that like right now. I also like to listen to the Mylee my taught you podcast, brilliant idiots, EmpoWHerment hour ,

Yaddy’s workout playlist:
Gary Vee audio experience podcast
EmpoWHERment HOur
My taught you podcast
Beauty by rosita YouTube channel
Brilliant idiots podcast
Ted Radio Hour

I recommend listen to positive audio that will motivate you to do more. What’s on your workout playlist?

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