Live not just exist

Hey, I’ve been gone a while, lol!

This past weekend I had a lot of time to think. Idk how I dos it working two jobs right now to think and the thinking oh man Mercury retrograde has me very much on my mind. But I’ve had a lot on my mind and I wanted to share it with you all. L some of us feel a little different and we may be different. Not different in a way of physical or mental in a different type of different. For example , Steve jobs knew he was different , My best friend (in my head) Oprah knew she was different, Facebook founder knew he was different. They chose to live not just exist on planet earth. Let me tell you something about me , I was born to do more than just pay bills and die. I was born to live my life and follow my goals. I was born to live not just exist. We all and I mean all are place on this planet for a reason. Is up to us to find our purpose in life.

The last I’ll say 7 years I’ve had 5 jobs , most were two jobs at a time and long term. I leave one place to another to gain skills from different places. During those times and my experiences in those jobs I’ve built my professional skills as well as my people skills , personal skills that has helped me grow where I am now and is helping me where I’ll go which is very soon. This year I’ve accomplished two of my long term goals. One of them professionally. It has taken me 7 years to accomplish this goal and I’m super happy because I never gave up thou I almost did and almost lost that purpose. I had to go back and find that purpose and finding that purpose led me to accomplishing my biggest goal.

Now I will say this I have an entrepreneur mindset. Ever since FOREVER I have always said I’m going to own my own business, I can’t work for someone forever. I’m still with that mindset and currently am building my business. I also believe that you should do what you desire to do and find any means necessary to get that done. Will
It be a challenge? Of course it will be but you gotta push through . There’s people that are close to me that say I have an imaginary mind. That can be true . I dream a lot (and maybe a lil daydream a lot as well ) and I do anything necessary to achieve that dream. I just don’t believe in staying one job making that company profit and retire from it . How about you built your own company and make money for your own company. How about you invent that next great gadget that people stand in line for hours to get. Now entrepreneurship it ain’t for everyone. Not everyone has the balls to go and built a company and not saying to go and leave your job and start your business but saying LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. DONT JUST EXIST BUT LIVE. Look around you, explore be adventurous, challenge yourself experience life and be great. We are not here just pay bills and die. I’m not I have accomplished a few things in these last few years and just not like the norm and I’m not going to live like the norm. Finding my purpose has even key to me this year and I want you to find your purpose don’t worried about what ppl think. Man I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have doubted me but that’s a whole other post. Live life is only one time and you are doing the universe a favor.

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