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My fitness diaries #2

I’ve been saying that I’m on a new fitness journey. Last week was my first week doing Insanity max 30. Is been going good . Is super hard but is good. The last two days I haven’t been working out because I’ve come home super tired from work and body is like nah rest up girl. Listen to your body is something I’ve been working. But I got super mad at myself because I’ve been working out consistently for 5 days for over a month and this week I slack a lil but. Here’s the thing. I like working out in the morning or early afternoon. At night I will slack I’ll probably come home really tired from work. I like having my mornings free so I can rest up or workout.

But I had to remind myself that is no big deal if you don’t workout a few days. You can always pick yourself up and try again. If your body is saying to slow down then slow down. Which it was the case. Sometimes my mind is saying lets go press play but my body says nope turn off for the night. Last night I had a terrible migraine and couldn’t even see straight so my best healthy option just to lay down and rest and drink lots of water.

I have been loosing weight and feeling better about my health. I went to the doctor this past Tuesday and my doctor was super happy about my progress. I’m waiting for the blood results . I just have to take it one step at a time eventually I’ll reach my goal.

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