My body issues

Growing up, I was always “thin” but growing up I had insecurity issues . Like I always had skinny legs. I remember looking at Ashanti legs and be like “damn I wish I had thick legs like hers” . I always thought that thick legs were much more sexier growing up. And of course like every girl I believe wanted to be thin , in my case growing up Latina I wanted the small waist, flat stomach , normal booty and thighs lol. Instead I got the big hips , average size booty skinny legs. So growing up when it was beach time I didn’t feel comfy wearing a two piece so I would wear a one piece or won’t go to a pool or beach. Those were childhood and teen years. Looking back to it , I had a really low self esteem coming from a different place that I figured out during one of my therapy session in my adulthood. I went through the stage of not eating the proper nutrition over exercising and so on but I was still not satisfy. I wouldn’t be satisfy because I wasn’t satisfy with myself and that would take years to get there.

With my body and self insecurities I felt that I wasn’t worthy of anyone so my relationships didn’t last long. In my 20s I gained more weight and eventually ended having the thick legs I always wanted but with extra weight on myself. After my first anxiety attack at 23 I signed up for my first therapy sessions and eventually started working through my self and body issues. While people saw me as “pretty” “beautiful” etc… I didn’t see myself that way and I still don’t. I would look at other girls and would see them as beautiful and my self esteem would come down especially coming from the neighborhood I come from and the people would sometimes make you feel a certain type of way. Growing up my body issues stems from my issues I had with myself and other personal issues to be honest with you. I had to work through my issues throughout my 20s. Now I’m at a point that I love who I am becoming as a person. I still have body insecurities like I wish I was thinner lol or I don’t like my teeth but I’m not harsh with my body at all. I work with my body and listen to my body. I show love to my body and try to understand it. I also nourish my body with healthy food options.

One thing I wish growing up is people to tell you are beautiful inside and out and empower you. Why am I writing this ? To tell ya that you are beautiful and that we are living in this new world social media world that it can def blow your confidence. I myself have my confidence blow but I pick myself out of it. Other girls really get their head wrapped involved in this social media thing. If you are having body issues just know that, if you trying to fix any parts if you think that will
Make you feel good then ok. But first try to see the bigger picture before you do it , is mostly likely yiu don’t like a certain part of your body and you have to work through them.  Still so many girls that get their body “fix” still face insecurity issues. Everything about you is just perfect but you have to see it for yourself.


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