What means to be CEO of my life

Someone asks what does it mean to me to be the CEO of my life. I started to giggle and then I smiled. CEO of my life means to wake up with great health. Not having to worry about if I’ll fatigue throughout the day and count the hours of my next meal. I’ve mentioned before in this blog post that I’ve had struggles with my health. I’ve had chronic anemia the majority of my life. It got worst after my parents separation. About two years ago I was hospitalized multiple times for anxiety and anemia. My last visit the doctor told me if I don’t get it together I was going to have a blood transfusion . For two years I’ve been working on my health . In a few weeks I have another blood check up and hopefully it should say no more anemia.

Being CEO of my life is being financially stable , secure. My relationship with money growing and 90% of my 20s was horrible. I was paying back debt for quite a while and in the process I had to teach myself about money. Having good money relationship is something I am striving in my 30s and going forward.

Being CEO of my life is being happy with myself being mentally happy. Being in a good place . Am I there now? I’m almost there. I am in a place that what I’ve wanted (professionally) and what I’ve worked for is in the realization . Is no longer a dream is the reality and I’m just living in the moment and taking it all in .

Practicing gratitude has been helpful. You start with a certain vision at the beginning of the year and you end up with something else. I believe in the higher power and I believe that it had something better for me that I’m not aware of it. Just know that you can be CEO of your life as well just think about how you want your life to be a year, 2 , 3 ,5 ,10 years from. Own your life that’s what I’m doing I’m owning my life because I don’t want to live like I did 2 years ago.

Email me with any questions you may have at herceo@outlook.com

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