My fitness diaries


I started this section of this website called #myfitnessdiaries detailing my road to healthy . I’ve spoke about my health issue with Anemia in recent months it has been getting better. I have a check up coming up soon and I’ll shall keep you post it. As you get older you begin to sag lol . I know right damn you gravity why must you exist. I’ve always been thin, in recent years I’ve gained pounds going up to 209. Is mostly not sleeping well, eating little junk foods. When I did my last check up with my blood back in May 2017 my blood level was at 9.3 . It should be above 10 for a women between 11-12 . My doctor prescribed some medicine to speed up the process plus I’ve been eating lots of green that contains iron at least everyday. I try 5 times a week to eat a bowl of greens but I always try to incorporate a vegetable on my plate a day.

Since my check up I’ve been consistent with my exercises and what I eat. My doctor did see my cholesterol a little high and I took that into consideration. So I started a health journey on my own . I’ve been getting better with getting my blood level high for almost two years. And now I develop a fitness routine that suits my schedule and my needs . Since my blood levels are getting higher , I have more energy and I’m stronger. I jog 2-3 times a week( at least every week) two miles. I use to get tired less than 5 minutes. With more energy I have more motivation to do more things. So I workout 5 days a week 30 to an hour. I create meal plans and go to sleep accordingly.

I really started this consistent fitness journey in June 15 and I’ve lost 10 pounds the first month . I’m sharing this with ya because changing your lifestyle is not as easy as can be but is cheaper than a hospital . Lord I’m still paying for hospital bills from two years ago. I’ve always taken care of other parts but now since my blood level updates it has become even more important and more motivating to take care of myself. The statement #healthiswealth is a real statement.

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