My first solo travel and what it meant for me

Earlier this year I took a solo trip. At first I wanted to gather people as a group but no one couldn’t make it because of other responsibilities or they didn’t want to go. I’m like shit I want to go on a vacation like wtf . I’ve never been on a solo trip, that was actually my last resort. So I said. It fuck it I’m going on this trip on my own. So I booked the flight through a travel company I’m part of it and went on my trip. Was I frightening at first no I didn’t think about it. It wasn’t till I was on the island that I was like oh shit I took a solo trip.

I arrived and I decided to do a hostel. A hostel is a roommate hotel that is cheaper. These are very cheap and also you get to meet people from other parts of the world. Prior to taking my trip i research hostel and they are very popular in Europe and are starting to become popular in the states. They are for the adventurous I would say. I arrived at my destination and immediately changed and ent out to explore the town. I stayed for four days.

The sense of peace of mind I got from the trip is nothing like I’ve ever had. I spent time with myself by myself. I did activities on my terms and also I was near the water so I got a sense of a more peace of mind. We are always surrounded by people that we forget to spend time with ourselves. The trip gave me clarity about the direction I should be taking in my life. It gave me new ideas and opened up a new way of creativity. It gave me a deeper connection to nature , myself and the universe. When you are in this state a sense of gratitude comes naturally. It also gave me a sense of appreciation of the loved ones I have.

I def recommend a solo trip to anyone . Do your research what countries is safe to visit on your own. Believe me I was one of those people at one point that would be like ” what u taking a solo trip that’s scary ” and look I did it, lol …. I did new things on this trip I went alone , I tried a hostel , I rode a helicopter , I jet ski. Do it ladies (and gents if you reading this )

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