2017 · goals

Getting ready for a new month

Is a new month and new goals to accomplish. So I ask you how do you prepare for the new month? Do you want a way to stay organize with your new goals? Well first thing is write down your new months goals. Writing everything down works and helps you remember . If you don’t write down on paper, try it on your phone . Every smart has a notepad icon or download word doc app from your phone.

Here’s how I prepare for a new month. I am a goal getter and like to knock off things of my goal list and also I view my vision board and make sure that if I’m still keeping up with those goals. Like I said up above, writing everything down will help you better with your memory. Get a notebook, piece of paper or a post it notepad. The picture above is Julys goal. I separate them into categories.
My brand

For each category I write down the goals under it. I start of with what’s important to me, how would that goal benefit me spiritually and is it useful ? I don’t write goals just to write them, I think about every goal and vision myself already accomplishing it. For the months goals I create a weekly goal or a weekly to do list. When I create my weekly goals I like to go back to my months goals as well and see what needs to be done. Basically months goals are like mini vision goals with short term goals

Helpful apps or inspirations to help you create month goals is Pinterest ( #1 source) ,productive habits and goal tracker , strides and goal setting with Brian Tracy. Another great source is social media, look at hashtag a word and more than a thousand posts will pop up .

Creating goals for tomorrow starts today. Be patient but productive, think about where do u want to be a year from now

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