My beauty self care routine

I recorded a video of my beauty self care it was a very long video, lol. Is not even all that I do. You have to take care of yourself from inside and out and there are steps to take to get there. I explain my basic beauty products . The steps I take on a day are these:

1. Wake up and drink water. When you sleeping your body is dehydrate and it needs water so I drink a 16 oz bottle of water room temp that I keep near my bed or get from the fridge. Our bodies are made up of water and water heels from a lot of diseases and keeps your skin clean.

2. Brush teeth and shower. You should change your toothbrush every 6 months. I shower with Eden body works coconut shower gel . It leaves my skin smooth and it exfoliate any dead skin. I also shower with aveeno coconut body wash.

*note I use a lot of coconut in my products

3. After shower moisturizer . I use Eden body works coconut smooth moisturizer. I rub the cream right after I leave the shower . I want to grab the moist from the water with the cream.

4. Hair self care. I made a post about my hair routine . I don’t blow dry my hair as often. I wash my hair 4 times a week. I’ve used so many products but I’ve been using Maui moisture for about three months . It leaves my hair feeling smooth and my curls curl up more. I see very little hair loss.

5. Nails and feet. I get a pedicure every two weeks and a manicure every week . I exfoliate my feet every two weeks. I use footwork a from Avon . Is cheap and they always have a special on package deals. I’ve been getting my nail and feet since I was 13.

6. You are what you eat. I’ve recently just found out I’m dairy intolerant after an ER visit. Is been a little harder for me not because I’m tempted but because everything around has dairy. So with that I’ve changed my diet. I don’t eat anything fried and got rid of sugar drinks. Eventually over time it will show on the outside

7. Sleep . I sleep 6-8 hours. Day . That’s required becUse your body needs to recharge. I use to sleep 4 hours a day or sometimes less that would show on the outside.


Is a long video and I’ll do another video but with a specific topic

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