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Celebrating your goal accomplishments

Have you ever celebrated a goal u just finished accomplishing ? Like I feel like we don’t do that as much and we need to do that more. We all have goals that takes us forever to accomplish and yet when we finish it , is like done next and on to the next one. Why not stop and celebrate that accomplishment? I first got this idea from Cara Alwill Leyba (@thechampagnediet) last year, when she was promoting to her followers to celebrate your accomplishments and I am one of her followers and I took that into account. I’ve been doing it for a year. Ladies is the best thing to sit back and celebrate a goal you were working towards and finally u accomplish it.

I’ll share a goal that has taken me about 7 years to get. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for about 8 years and I have been trying to get into the baking world as a baker since then. Not just any bakery but that caters to bread. Now getting into a kitchen is actually pretty easy and you’ll start small and make your way up. Now getting into a bakery kitchen is a different dilemma, lol . There’s a popular bread company in NYC that I’ve apply to it 4 times same position . I decided to give it another shot if it didn’t work then I’ll let it go . I sent them a nice email and they responded the next day . I went on two interviews and had two trail days. I got the position. I’m in training right now. When this accomplishment happened I felt like I’ve accomplished everything I wanted to do in my field and I went and celebrated with a bottle of wine and thinking of all the work I did to get there. Why did they picked me? Idk but I was very grateful and I’m still celebrating this goal but the goal is still not finish. I’m the student now and learning everything and taking in the process. The goal is not done I’ve wished and was very persistent and I’m enjoying the process.

I’m sharing with you this example because once you accomplish a goal celebrate it but embrace it. Is such a great feeling to finally accomplish something that is taken a long time and work to get. So please ladies celebrate all your accomplishment and don’t feel bad about it. Shut you work for it.

Thank Cara for spreading this message and I’m paying it forward


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