Bucket list

Do you have a bucket list?

Hey, have you had a bucket list written down. Have anyone heard of a bucket list ? So first let me explain what’s a bucket list . A bucket list is a list of things you want to accomplish before a certain time . It can be anything from a trip you want to make to something you want to accomplish. I’ve developed short term bucket list items. Now at 30 I’m developing long term bucket list items. I created a bucket list of things to accomplish and places to go in my 30s. Hey I just turned 30 I have 9 years and 6 months to go to make all this happened right? I’m doing this because I felt like in my 20s I wasted a lot of time . A lot of things I learned I didn’t apply it properly and I wasted time. So near the end of my 20s I viewed everything around my life and examine and whatever what’s coming in and examine how to execute it properly.

Ladies, this our time to own everything we got L. Learn , invest, grow . Everything you ever wanted to do or have in mind , do it don’t wait till is perfect to do it . My uncle pointed out to me that do everything now that you are young cause once you reached a certain age it will be hard especially physically. Right now I have three jobs lol and that’s only because I have the energy and also other things and that’s just my other jobs that does not include Herceo.

Ladies , sit down and think about what do you want to accomplish ? What is that is on your mind that you want to make it happen? I’ll give you one example , I am in the culinary industry and I doubt I’ll ever leave lol but I did study psychology before culinary school and I always thought about one day to return.i most likely not use it but just to do it. Also, Swiss beats and Tyra banks went to Harvard business school after they were very successful . You never too important to accomplish something. Go do it lets go ladies lets create this bucket list


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