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Hey, I write recently about my health update . With my anemia getting better I can work out even more. Last week I went jogging, like a light jog for 30 minutes. I went past two miles without getting tired. That to me was a milestone because I used jog and by half a mile I’ll be tired. I’ll have to force myself to go to 30 minutes and I’ll be exhausted afterwards. Now I’m getting more energy more oxygen in my body and I’m eating healthier. Also the last recent weeks I’ve developed a dairy allergy like stomach aches , headaches omg I’ve never had any food allergies. Now I’m one of those annoying people that ask every ingredient in a dish now. Totally new for me.

Like every girl I also have body insecurities. Growing up I always had them but since I’ve gotten older then are not as bad . Now at my age I care about having good health. Getting my hemoglobin to a healthy level has been a long process. That’s actually been my health focus as well as my mental health. I’m going on my own time on my own terms. Also I’m enjoying the process instead of rushing to it . Do I have body insecurities ? Fuck yea I do there’s certain part of my body that I’m insecure about and I’m learning to embrace in a different way. Everything with time come.

I am proud of how far I’ve gotten with my anemia condition and I’m looking forward to even more progress. Consistency and work is all it gets. At the beginning was super hard because I’ll run out of oxygen but eventually things got better through time and now I can catch my breath. Combination of a healthy nutrition, medicine and light physical activity has gotten me this far. I have an appointment next month with my doctor she experienced exits my hemoglobin to be between 11-12. I’m trying to go over 12.

Here are some fitness app recommendations. I use map my run for jogging and power walk.

nike train club for short workouts that you can do at home. My fitness pal to write my fitness goals for the day.

beddit to track my sleep cycle.
I’ll keep you posted

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