Seasonal cleaning = new energy

Hey y’all.. Summer is right around the corner and NYC is experiencing a summer heat
as of right now. Usually when the heat wave pops in I like to start my summer cleaning. Ill keep it 100% with ya I’ve been working so much that I’ve neglected my personal space . No Bueno . That’s been my struggle the beginning part of this year. Being busy but keeping my personal space organized . But the organization came about the perfect time because is when I start my summer cleaning. My mother pointed out to me that when your personal space is disorganized your life becomes dis organized and I agree with her 1000%. I’ve also been developing the minimalist mentality. So let me explain more what’s minimalist is basically living with less than 100 items . I first heard about it searching through podcasts show and I came across the minimalist podcast and I’ve been listening to them and have been looking at my space and even my life.

But anyways I’ll explain more about minimalist later in another post. I want to Adress seasonal cleaning . Now I do a big cleaning every season before the start of the new season and one major one before end of year. I go through my stuff and decide what I don’t need anymore. As I’ve gotten older I required less things. Sometimes nothing lol. Honestly I just want my a roof over my head , comfy clothes and my job lol . I don’t need extra extra . life and good healthy is the extra I’m asking for. When I clean seasonally I break it down into categories and I got by corners.


I’ll go through them and throw out what I don’t need. With paper I’ve been going paperless. Clothing I give a lot of clothes away to family in DR or organizations here in the city. Food we pick up a lot of cans foods that we give away to the food banks.
How to seasonal clean? Start a check up list of every room in your home. Go through every part of your room and remove what you don’t need. And bring out whatever is in season. Like now is summer so I’ll bring out my summer clothes out and put away my winter clothes and I’ll also decorate the house with summer colors and bring out the flowers. I’ll deep clean everywhere around my house and give a prayer for new clean home and pray for new energy. When you get rid of the old you opening the door to new energy.

So happy cleaning and happy new energy

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