My health update

Happy new week and last week of may. I feel like this year is moving so fast like we about to go into June and the summer is on its way. Wow! Are your goals in production ?? So anyways this post is about a huge I’ve been working on since late 2015. If you just came across this site, her.ceo was started through my own experience. I was hospitalized a few times and even almost had a blood transfusion. Those experiences change the outlook of how my life was going at the time. I’ve been anemic majority of my life. All my 20s I was battling this after that experience I started to taking care of myself and beginning the process of curing the anemia.

Okay so what is anemia is exactly? Anemia is u have unhealthy , low red blood cells . You may fatigue a lot, get dizzy or sometimes faint. You can’t do a lot of events that sucks your energy away because you’ll get tired and to recover it takes longer than usual. Is common for women to get it because of our periods. A normal level of red blood cells is 10 , for a woman is 11-12 . I had chronic anemia which means my blood cells were at 7 and when I went to the hospital was below 7. When the doctor said that I’ll need a blood transfusion I was like NOOOOO. Right there I decided to get my life together.

That was early December 2015 and my blood level was 6.7 now is 9.3 which I’m close to where I need to be. For a long time I refused to take medicine. The way I got it to that level was through food . I was drinking green juices 3 times a week and eating a bowl of green salad (kale and spinach) . Now I do that and I decided to give in and take medication to get rid of it faster . I don’t faint , I don’t fatigue as much , my energy levels is going up and super proud of myself . One thing is that anemia can lead to other diseases like leukemia . My grandmothers sister died from leukemia because she had anemia.

My short term goal is to get my blood levels up to 12. My long term goal is too keep my blood levels high and healthy. After my anemia is gone I won’t stop taking my green juices and salads bowls because at any moment it could come back. My next appointment date is in July and to take another blood test . My goal is to see 11.


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