Revisioning your vision board

At the end of the year, I was promoting vision boards heavy. Vision is good because u get to see the vision in a board and in your space. Is May and around this time I like going back to my board and seeing what I’ve been working on , what I’m missing and what doesn’t wait for me anymore. At the end of the year we get excited about the new year and write down all these goals we want to accomplish. Mid way things can change. My 2017 vision board I have been working on at least 50% of it and I removed a few things because those things no longer is in my future.

Life distract us a lot and sometimes your vision board is forgotten. When I was promoting vision board late last year, I said to place it near a space you’ll always see it. For example, my vision board is at the end of my bed near my closet. When I lay down in my bed I see the vision board every time. I think about the goals and how am I going to start. One thing is start with one if you can two. Like this year I started with two working on Her.CEO and my finances at the same time. Once I got focused then I saturated working in the next. Take one goal at a time. But always make sure you have a clear vision of what you want. Everything you put out there the universe is hearing you out. Be positive and be clear.

Final thought , don’t get discourage when a goal you wrote down does not get accomplish as soon as possible. Nothing happens overnight and you also gotta keep in mind the obstacles that may come your way. But keep that vision and very thing is temporary. Every obstacle is temporary.

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