Life after school

Oh boy is been a while since I’ve written here. Ive been busy with work and overwhelmed with life and getting the new site up. But i felt like writing anew post around this time because may happens to be the beginning of graduation season. When this time of year comes up, I always think about those kids that worked so hard to get a diploma and think the long way and hard world they have ahead of them. The real work begins now after school and what you learned in the classroom you have to apply to the real world plus more.

Ive been out of school for 7 years. I went to Lehman College in the Bronx from 2005 to 2010 and then Institute of Culinary education in 2010. The economy collapse late 2008 and my graduating class the ’09 and ’10 was the worst graduation class becaue there was no jobs. like literally no jobs. When we go into school we are taught that we study and then youll get a job right after college. One thing that college fails people at (well I believe) is it fails people to teach them how to apply the classroom lessons to the real world. When I was a freshman at Lehman College, my computer professor and my guidance counselor flat out told me that “you are not getting a job straight after college because there are people ahead of you that are waiting. You may need to work for little to nothing.” So life after school i was better prepared. When I graduated there was no jobs so I had to take side jobs and at one point worked three jobs to keep up with bills. I work in the food industry and when i graduated school, no one would hire me because i had no experience and no one was going to take a risk on a perosn that has no experience. So I had to take drastic measures, I went to a small cafe/bar and asked if i can work for them for free as a dishwasher. I know you may see this as like a wtf? but I was thinking of the future. That offer was going to open up new doors for me and it did but when i started out i worked for nothing. I work for free for 8 months and when i started getting paid it was the minimum. Now school didnt teach me that i had to put the efforts myself. What i learned in the classroom I applied to the real world but that would of been later on in my career. At the beginning i got another edcuation which was the school of hard knocks and Ive learned more life after school then i was in school.

Now im not discouraging anyone form h=going to school. If you do not know what to do with your life, then go to school. What Im saying is that what you learn int he classroom it should be apply to the real world and it should coordinate with what you learn in the real world. Also, the world is changing and your education doesn not end on graduation it should continue and you shcold always keep learning from whatyou study because it will change overtime. The food industry has changed since i began, some restaurants are proposing the no tipping rule, some grocery stores are doing slef checkouts which means coputers will replace people. More food apps are coming up which are keeping people more in doors then dining out and the ZERO WASTE conference. When you graduate have three jobs are take up a volunteer or internship to establish yourself use your time wisely int he places you are. Say less, do more, work your way and show people what you are capable of. You are not going to get that executive job when you graduate, there are other people ahead of you.Ifyou arent happy with something change itup and do everything with a goof attitide.

1. Find a mentor
2.Take up an internship or volunteer activity
3. Attend workshops
4. Show up and have a good attitude
5. Be persistent

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