Farewell to my 20s

Today is my last day as a 20 year old and will be entering a new era. My 30s. Oh boy what can I say about my 20s, I didn’t enjoy my 20s it was a time of self discovery, making mistake, battling depression trying to find a balance. I started enjoying my 20s around 26 and even then it was an ehh. While many ppl enjoyed their early 20s, inside I was battling a silent battle that I didn’t reveal until later on. My early 20s were a time of self discovery and depression while my late 20s I started to put the pieces together. Today at 29 (because is still not 1/30/17) I know who I am and I know where I’m going. I was a lost child. Many 19 years old get excited about turning 20 and it is an exiting time . You leave childhood and enter adulthood. Here is my advice to you 20 year olds or soon to be 20 years olds

1. If you make a mistake , IS OKAY. Is okay to make mistake , but don’t forget the lesson. You’re young and is the time to make mistake

2. Invest in your future. If I had one advice is aid set up that 401k account early on and also start looking investing in stocks. Learn about money because eventually your future will depend on where your credit is at.

3. Don’t listen to the critics . Stay in your own lane and you will shine. One thing about me is that I always stayed in my own lane. I followed my rules and ignored everyone else. Why? Because is your life and u are the designer of your life.

4. Listen to your parents , they are telling you the truth and what you need to hear.

5. Travel the world l. Expense can be figured out but travel the world.

6. Try new things all the time.

7. Have more than one passion. I went from Lehman college study psychology to culinary school to now personal development. I’m still in the food industry and won’t plan on leaving it. But have other things in mind. We are living in an ever changing world and we need to have different skill sets.
People tell me your 30s are your best years and honestly can say I feel is going to be my best years. Is already starting on the right foot and with the right energy. I know who I am , I know where I’m going and I’m happy. Everyday there’s always room for improvement and I’m always working on myself. But I’ll be enjoying my last day in my 20s pool side reminiscing. I am not sad to leave my 20s but okay. The chapter will close tonight and will not be reopened. Thank you all for those that were part of this hard decade. Even the ones that are not part of it anymore I thank you as well.

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