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What the woman’s March did for me

This past weekend I had the honor to March with half a million people in NYC. I attended the woman’s March in NYC the sister March of DC. All around the country, people marched to protest for woman’s rights and human rights. It was the most amazing experience , I saw men dressed in all pink and people in wheelchairs marching from 5th avenue to 2nd avenue leading up to trump tower on 5th avenue and 57th street. This is just the beginning for a long 4 years to go. Why did I marched? When Mr. Trump and his administration were saying comments about woman and minorities and about evoking roe vs wade, that’s all I needed to know about not voting for him. I marched for me, my mother, my neices, the future girls, the women in my family. I marched because is a woman’s choice on what she can do with her body. It was cold I thought I was going to faint from hypothermia but I stood there in that plaza for over an hour just ready to March. I saw kids wearing their girl power gears and men dressed head to toe with pink tutus and girl power gears. We blocked off at least 10 blocks from 47tg street and 2nd avenue around going to 42 and 5th avenue back up 5th Abe and 57th street.

The marched inspired me to go to my neighborhood and reach out to woman in my neighborhood. To create something and reach congress. Many things are going on in this country and we need to voice our opinion. I’m about progress not going backwards 300 years. Is such a change from 8 years ago and even during the bush administration.  I’m all for woman growth but also growth for our kids. So I encourage you to reach out to your local politicians, organizations, business, etc. and create something and stand up for your rights … The woman’s March inspired me to take it up a notch , to do more for my neighborhood, for my community. Is not about me is about the future. I don’t want the future to protest about their rights. We are 2017 we don’t need to be doing this…

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