2017 · Money management

Economic empowerment

Lately I’ve been learning about stocks, bonds and more about money management. We in a time that we need to empower ourselves in every way. My theme for this year is Love and economic empowerment. Women still do not make the smartest decisions financially and I’m not too far away. In my early twenties I made a lot of bad financial mistakes that cost me my credit. By age 21 I had 21 credit cards (how?) and I was in more than $6000 credit card debt and then to make things even worst, the economy started collapsing and I had no job. It took 2 1/2 years to pay down my debt and an extra 3 years to bring my credit back to good standing. I didn’t know how to manage my money so I had to learn during the bad times. Hey I almost apply for bankruptcy later on I learned that would have been a bad idea.

I had to learn how to separate my needs from my wants and now at almost 30, I don’t need that extra shit and live my life my very simple. But I do think of my financial future even more like investing, maybe buying stocks, how to create more in an authentic way. I am empowering myself economical by creating more wealth around and I want to say to women that we are in a time that we need to improve ourselves economically, we need to not let others take care of our finances. If the job is not giving you a raise find something that can give you a raise or create something that can give an extra income. Start learning financial literacy, I am learning more about this topic this year because I am interested in buying stocks and technology have made it a little easier for anyone to buy invest.

I know that financial literacy can be a challenge topic but don’t look back and be like I’ve could have done that and now this and blah blah blah. DO you have a 401k? do you have money saved? how Is your credit? Look at all these factors, really look at your finances and organize yourself. Ladies is not the time to shove this under the rug is the time to grow your economic status.  I’m learning as well and if you having trouble with this issue, we can learn together. Lets create a healthy relationship with money. WE VCAN DO THIS

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