Attract like minded people or become the person you want to be

Start hanging out with like minded people or become a person you attract.

I was talking to one of my co workers about travels and he mentioned that we should see the world and leave el barrio lol it will always be there . But in that conversation that’s me and him had he reminded me that you should surround yourself with people that are going somewhere or people you know want to become. If you can’t do either or, I say become that person do that you attract people. Why is important to surround yourself with people that are in a better place than you? Because it motivates you to get your shit done and we all want to elevate and move around in order to grow.

I come from a neighborhood that is hard to see change because people never change. When I started surrounded myself with people that are doing better, my perspective on life changed. Also surround yourself around people that want better for you not less for you and those still exist. Honestly just leave your circle and create a new circle. Not to say leave your long term friends but don’t be afraid to surround yourself with new people. #nonewfriends nooooo fuck that I like making new friends. New friends means new adventures, new conversations , new ideas.

What does that mean be the person you want to attract. What do you want to be? who do you want to attract? Write a list of traits you wish to become , then write how you are right now . This is the process of self awareness , knowing thyself . If the list of how u want to be is more attractive , then start there , start working on your I want to be traits . I’ll give you one pointer, happiness attracts people and people always want to be around happy people


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