Self care

Self care series: work-life balance

If a millennial like me you know the difficulties of work life balance. We are living in a society that is rapidly changing everyday and we want to get somewhere. From New York so the hustle I was born with it and giving my all to a career As well as my personal life was a struggle. Thee was a certain point that I have 100% to my career and No love to my personal life. With that my personal life suffered tremendously. I dedicated 2016 to the year of me and that’s when I started getting clarity on me and how I should manage shit. Is simple and I wish I would of gotten it earlier but you live and you learn. When you at work , you at work and when you home you are home. As a woman in the 21st century , we are moving up very fast and choosing to be in the workplace more than at home . We own business, travel and make our own decisions. But we must also give ourselves a break. I know some of my readers can agree that is been a struggle .. But I’ll give you some pointers based on my experience that can help you .

1. Don’t overload at work. Don’t overload you r schedule that you forget about you . Is great to put extra effort to your job but is not fun when you burn yourself out.

2. Make time for others and forget about work. Call a friend up for dinner or just a simple walk in the park.

3. Be SELF-ish… Ain’t nothing wrong with putting a little time in your schedule and be with yourself .

4. When you at home don’t talk about work..

5. Laugh and live and be adventurous . You only have one life to live so make it the best…



here is is an article about the causes of work life balance

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