Preparing for a new week

Happy new week💕 with so many goals to accomplish, I like to organize my goals how I would like to accomplish them. I start my week… No my day with a little prayer and exercise. Mind body and soul helps me get clarity for the day as well helps my body release tension that I may have. Then, I started doing weekly goals. I created a list of to do things for the week. I write them out on Sunday night and and start executing it on Monday. The goal is to complete the to do list by Sunday night to start the new list by then.

I always look for new ways to organize myself for the week. I recently listened to Single wives club founder Koereyelle podcast (confessions of a werkaholic) and she gave a new idea on how to organize yourself. The idea is create a day to do list like for example on each day dedicated to something , Monday’s blog posts, Tuesday’s reaching out emails, etc. create a organize day to to day calendar. Calendar I have freaking love them because it has helped me organize my schedule since I do a lot , I work everyday. Also, I started doing meal preps for week , ya don’t know how much it has helped me reduce my food cost. I prepare my meals from Monday to Wednesday and then from Thursday to Sunday. It has helped me with reducing food cost and eating out. I check my financials for the week (any bills to pay for the week).Hey you can do it guys , have a clarity week everyone….

Here are some tips and how you can prepare yourself for the week:

1. Take time out for yourself in the morning .
2. Create a to do list task. It can be day to day or week. Whatever works for you.
3. Get an agenda or calendar. You can also create a calendar.
4. Check off any items from the previous week that were completely
5. Meal prep (lowers food cost)
6. Organize your financials
7. Any blog posts , pre write them so when it comes on the publish date all you have to do is click publish.

Happy week

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