Self discovery

Self discovery , self knowledge or self awareness as you may call it is when you look further down in yourself and discover who you really are . Some people discover themselves early in their lives but others it takes them a few years. I actually discover myself in my late twenties. Just now at 29 I’m still discovering myself. If you are in a position that you are confused about life and don’t know where you are heading, don’t worry we all have been there lord knows that I’ve been there a few times but I finally got it at 29. If you self discovery at a very late age that’s okay , nothing is never late.

If you find yourself in a position that you are confused and don’t know where you are heading . This is some suggestions that worked for me

1. Try something new – I’ve been in the food industry for almost 8 years and for a while that’s all I did . I started trying new lanes just to keep myself busy and not get bored with the same pace of the restaurant industry. I liked my new hub that I now make it a priority.

2. Challenge yourself – life is about challenges and if you don’t challenge yourself you don’t know what you’re good at.

3. Surround yourself with the 5 people that represent you and you want to be like

4. Spent time alone . Take a few moments for yourself a day

5. Travel – when you travel to get expose to different places and cultures and will help you in life .

2 thoughts on “Self discovery

    1. Thak you for visinting mhy site. Look online or got o meetup.com and check out groups that interest you and meet up with them in person. I joined boss babe academy and other girl gangs that helped me moved forward with my idea


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