Creating a girl gang in 2017

I posted a FACEBOOK post about this year being the year of women. The future is women a nd right now women have that opportunity to reach a new high. Soon enough, we will take positions of men in the workplace, I mean like women are more owners of business then ever before. But even though we are progressing there’s still that lack of unity that keeps us separating and processing further. I question was the problem? for example, the other day I went to a bar with a friend and there was a group of girls that were in the corner and when we walked in, they stared at us and rolled their eyes and started laughing. I’m like WTF? what was that? We women are all fighting the same battle and when we stick together we can win this battle but separated is going to delay the process. I mean another example, do you think that the women that fought to get the women’s right to vote did it with them fighting each other? no they united to fight the battle together. I called them the original Girl Gang.

You can create a girl gang as well. I mean in 2017 you should have a girl gang. How can you create your girl gang. Here are some tips:

  1. Use social media and put a post about a meet up. Theres this great app called “Meet up” that you can create a meet up groups around your city. You can also create a Facebook group with like minded girls.
  2. Join a girl group. Last year I joined a few girl groups. Boss Babe academy, she got her own network, the slay baby collection. On Facebook there’s  a lot of girl groups that you can join. just use the search tab.
  3. Talk to some women in your neighborhood . I’m pretty sure there are some girl groups in your neighborhood and there is nothing better than having a local connection.
  4. Promote positive women messages and you’ll attract more women like you. Be like the women you want to be and you’ll attract more people into your life.
  5. Create a sip and shop and invite a few women around. Nothing gets women together than conversations while doing some drinking and shopping.

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