Consistency and staying connected spiritual

Consistency in everything you do is one of the keys to success. When you are consist , you believe in yourself more and when you are consistent , others believe in you as well. For example, you go to the gym , in order to have that body , you have to go all the time as well as eat healthy. You loose track then you won’t see results. How can you stay consistent when you loose hope? Omg I always get asked this question and my only answer is, REMEMBER YOUR GOALS. If you gotta write it down or paint a picture of it , then do it. I write do vision boards and mini vision boards to remind myself . One thing that was awesome for me in 2016 that I did was that I created weekly goals to complete my major goals. That worked for me…. Remember why you started and stayed focused on your goals is key to staying consist and having faith which is the next direction I’m heading to.

Consistency is believing in yourself and having faith is also staying consistent. Confusing ??? Let me explain like I said previous consistency is believing in yourself and the universe will answer to you when you believe in yourself . Try going to the gym everyday (consistency) believing in yourself and leaving your progress in the hands of God (spirituality ) and you’ll see magic happen. Being spiritual allows you to trust the process and having a positive outlook. Some may disagree that consistency and spirituality go hand in hand but with my own experience it has helped me . Have lots of faith and keep doing it over and over

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