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Happy New Year. OH gosh what can I say about this year. How can I describe 2016 in two words? Beautiful Disaster lol This year started not on the best foot. I went through difficulties the first three months of the year, actually on the first day of the year, my world was turned up side down in a blink of an eye. But through prayer, patience and work on myself, I was able to beat the obstacles. This year has been a good year to me because I actually got myself back which I lost after all the years of working and not realizing that I was neglecting myself. SO yes 2016 was a self-care year, a me year. No is not selfish to take care of yourself. I selfish for you to put others before you. You are your best investment. I learned how to love myself through a heart break and learned that being consistent could get your credit score back up IMAOOOOOOOO.

2016 was a year of change in career. I’ve worked  in the restaurant industry for almost 8 years. I took  a step back this year in the industry, I still work in restaurants but I don’t give my 100% time to it. I still have the same goals as before and don’t see myself leaving it  because  I enjoy it. However, the restaurant industry is one of the hardest or the hardest industry to work in. I was building my experience that I lost myself in the process. I actually quit my management job the first week of the new year because I felt I needed to regroup my mind, body and spirit. I started writing a blog (her.ceo) just as a way to write to other women because I felt other women were in the same situation as me. Through it , i started doing other things with the blog that eventually became something else. Food will forever be my first passion and yes I still plan to open up a restaurant, I have other ideas in the food industry that i would like to do. We are in changing times, technology and society ae changing. We can no longer have one industry we have to open new lanes for ourselves. Discover new skills for us to flourish in this changing world. Corporate America is changing itself as well and we can no longer depend on paychecks, 401k, retirement, vacation from one company. The job that you have for many years, you can be laid off the next day. Nothing is guaranteed anymore.

Health is wealth. In my 2016 vision board I posted a lot of self care, health , getting myself back in it and I accomplished it. It will still be my 2017 goals. A year ago i was in a hospital about to get a blood transfusion, I was chronic anemic now I’m not. That was a big deal for me to get my blood levels back in order but everyday i have to take the proper measure to continue the healthy path. I meditate 20 minutes a day and started exercising.  It has been proven the benefits of mediation (I wrote a post on this) and I suggest everyone to start doing it for about 20-30 minutes a day. Move your body everyday to get those muscles moving. I work on my feet a lot and constantly moving but is not moving like an exercise moving. Sign up for a gym, I suggest group classes  because is a great way to motivate yourself and also is a positive environment and is a no judgement zone.

As good of a year for me it was, it was a year of many surprise in the world. For starter  the president elect. I would continue to Put this message out there, Ladies don’t feel that you are not worthy because of people thinking different as them. Don’t lower your standards for anyone because you were placed on this world for something much bigger. Don’t lower yourself because of your age, GENDER, ethnicity or sexual orientation. The world is changing in many forms and we as people…… NO as WOMAN need to unite because we don’t unite as we should. 2017 is about stepping your game up. Lets stop the bickering and sabotaging because now is not the time. We all fighting the same battle and the world looks at us as underneath.  The world hates woman that’s just the real simple fact. UNITY is the motto for 2017. Our nation is going through some changes and unity is what we need to strive.

What would next year bring me? youll see I turn 30 next year WEEEPPPPAAAAA and will be celebrating the last few  days in my 20s. I’m blessed and grateful for the opportunity that people gave me and god gave this year to help me grow. I’m thankful for the challenges because hey that’s what helped me be a better me today. I finally entered the entrepreneur life and is going to be hard but wonderful I can feel it, I have a vision and I trust my vision. Thank you to my loved ones that helped me and supported me through this year.  I have you in my heart always and forever.

Here is 8 lessons I learned from 2016:

  1. Don’t make someone your priority if they not willing to make you theirs. – I went through an emotional heartbreak earlier this year and I just wanted this person to be okay.  But I wasn’t making myself okay so I had to reevaluate my situation and make a decision for myself.
  2. Someone else’s problems are not yours – Don’t make someone else’s problems your problems because it could lead you to a big old mess. What you can do is be their for them and give them advice to push them to higher.
  3. Best investment is yourself – 2016 was the year of me. I put myself first and got a clear idea of what I want.
  4. Let go of fear – Ive always wanted to be a business owner and I finally did it this year. Fear is what held me back for so long.
  5. I have faith – I use to be a worrier. I placed my faith and god in front of all my obstacles and allow him to take care of me. Prayer helped me stay calmed with my challenges.
  6. Forgive and ask for forgiveness – I’m not skiwky clean at all. Ive done some wrongs to people. What I learned is to ask god for forgiveness and forgive yourself for what ever you did to someone. Also, forgive those that hurt you.
  7. Work on relationships – Relationships with family and friends and also collegues have improved and is so important to be successful in life as well. Your relationship with yourself and god as well.
  8. Sleep is vital – I use to run on two hours sleep. let me tell you that you need  8-9 hours of sleep because eventually it will catch up to you. it did with me and the beginning of part of 2016 I focused on resting. Hey I was even working 2-3 days a week just to rest. #TEAMNOSLEEP nope is not good for your health #TEAMSLEEP

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