Starting over now?

When I started doing HER.CEO blog, I did it as way to write what I feel and to talk about my experience and my journey and  how I can help other girls what not go through what I went through and to value themselves. But I also said that if I do this, I have to be honest with myself and others and be sort of like an open book. I want to connect with other girls of my experience  and I only discuss what I know and what I been through.

The Changing of times, lol. Yes we are going through a changing of time and corporate America is ever changing. I’ve been through some changes recently in my 9-5 job that it was unexpected and came out of left field. I’ve been working in the food industry for almost  years and I’ve climbed the ladder. I’ve been in almost every area and my experience is pretty long. Earlier this year I decided to leave my management job to focus on myself. I was working gigs to pay the bills and in mid summer went back to full time. It was good and then the store where I was ta was going through some changes that they didn’t expect themselves. My position was cut down from the store so they wanted to place me in another position with close to a minimum wage salary. I just said to transfer me to another store but my position was not available in the other store so I started back at the bottom again with a lower salary. Was that life changing? YES . At first I was very upset because I felt that I develop the experience or at least they’ll consider me for something different with my skill set. Ive been in the new location for almost a month and I just been wondering whats the next step for me because I’m sort of domt know where I want to go in my field.

Everytime when something happens to me, I always say what did I do that I could of done better. I learn form mypast mistakes and I just been looking in myself and see what areas I could of improve on and what I should of done before. Facts thou, I’m in the position that I am in because of ME. No one put me back into this position but me. As of today I accept the fact that I am starting ove r in my feel why because I have to develop new skills which is patience and I have to show not only myself but others that I can make it far. How I got to this position? I wasn’t patience with the process, I was very stubborn when I was starting in this industry and now find myself in a place that I have to do it again. Is like when you save, save and save for so long and then you loose it all. That’s how it feels right now.

If you find yourself starting over again, then try again. Look at yourself because it may be something in yourself that you may need to work on. Like my issue was patience and doing whatever the fuck I please. I just wanted things done right away not knowing that everything takes time to develop, like EVERYTHING. Now at almost 30 years old, I get it. Don’t give up on your vision if you have to change path then change path . If you have to shake things around then shake things around but try again. The story that will forever inspire me is the Thomas Keller story.

The restaurant field is the hardest field you can work in. You don’t make it over night and you work on your feet for hours. You can go from a to d and e and then back down to a. I still enjoy the craziness of it.

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