Self care

Scheduling time for you

How to schedule time for yourself? At first I thought that it would be the hardest thing ever because I had a problem with balancing my work and personal life. I found a way and super easy . YOU HAVE TO SCHEDULE ME TIME EVERYDAY. It can be anything from waking up early in the AM for a brisk walk to scheduling a gym time . By you scheduling time for yourself you are building a relationship with yourself and that relationship will be like no other relationship. Yourself is the best investment you’ll have. Her.Ceo embodies the you have to put yourself first before anything. I also like to put in time for myself because I like to show my neice like “hey I did this so can you”. If you have younger ones , you’ll want to be a role model to them so u have to set an example. If you find yourself lost in your field like I did or in life , this is some tips I suggest

1. Take a mental break . Take a brisk walk and talk to yourself and see where you are lacking and areas where you can improve

2. Find an activity- once you realize like oh shit I’ve neglected myself , find an activity. Like I schedule an hour a day to read. Reading is fundamental to my mental health and my overall being. Just try a few things and find your niche. Or remember that thing you always wanted to do? Yea do it.

3. Be positive with yourself- one thing that has worked for me is positive affirmations. I schedule a time for myself to pray, be thankful . But I always keep it positive.

4. Gratitude- I use to keep a gratitude journal (highly recommended) but I write my gratitude on a post it and place it on a notebook. Gratitude helps appreciate what you have in life now then what you don’t have. Find a time a day to say gratitude but always write them down. Is so much fun to go back and read what you were thankful for at a certain time.

5. Be gentle with yourself- hey you only human don’t punish yourself for mistakes you did . Say oops and move on and learn from them.

6. Take a walk – take brisk walks with yourself or call a friend and have a conversation. Nature and walks are the best and allows you to develop another relationship, Nature.

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