Self care

Effects of unhealthy work conditions

Unhealthy work conditions and the affects on your health

Happy Monday… .. New week , new goals new positive attitude. But sometimes it may be hard for some people to have all these things together. Some people work in unhealthy environment. It can be the environment or the people you work with. My 2016 goal was to take care of myself because I neglected myself for so long due to the fact I was working non stop. I remember putting in my vision board bye bye to my old job and within a week into 2016 I left my job. My work conditions resulted in weight gained, stress levels, anxiety attacks , negative mindset. You feel like you are in a tornado and you don’t know when it will end . My work condition was really negative , a lot of negative people, hey I was negative myself because I was a sensitive person and things just went wrong. Also is even worst when you have people that sabotage you. In every job there’s always someone that wants to make your job even harder. It was making my health conditions even worst with frequent hospital visits that I had to exit . I didn’t even think about how my income was going to come I just wanted to focus on my mental , physical and spiritual health. My stress level resulted in having heart burns and chest pains. I almost had a blood transfusion because I’ve neglected taking meds for my anemia ( I was chronic anemic). I stopped meditating, exercising and I even neglected myself again financially. I was also very very unhappy. I know some people been through that or are in that position right now and I’ll tell you this , I feel for you.

Sometimes is hard to stay positive in. Negative work environment , but if you find yourself in a work environment . This is what I suggest.

1. Start your day with a positive affirmation
2. Smile be the pick me upper of the crew
3. If someone says something to you that’s negative , turn that attitude around and make it positive.
4. Take walks
5. Go outside for lunch . Avoid indoors

If this does not work, find yourself a new job that will be a new breather. Sometimes change is a good thing and maybe that’s just necessary .


heres a link to a Forbes article about negative work environments

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