Self care

Thoughts become things

you’ll always hear me preach this. My thoughts becomes my reality. If you think negative, your reality will be negative. If you think positive your reality will be positive. The universe is with you and is responding to the vibes you give out. Your energy and your environment is very important because the universe is picking up on it.

I started preaching this after I heard radio personality charlamagne the god talk about it. I’m like WTF does that mean ? At the time I was in the height of my depression and just had my first anxiety attack so anything positive I was not responding to it. Twitter was a little big social media platform. I reached out to him so that he can further explain what does he mean and he broke it down to me. Since then I changed my mindset and been preaching it. I started reading more self development books. You see the mind controls everything around you. Control your thoughts.

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