Self care

The self care series: introduction

The self care series started based around self care. As woman we tend to put ourselves last and others before us . I’ve learned that you can not do that at all. You will be a very unhappy soul. I’ve had depression since the age of 16 and anxiety since the age of 23 part of it not taking care of myself and not facing the real issues and working towards it . It took all of my 30s to finally get it . Now I’m not going to sit here and write that all is well. I have my rough days and my days where I get a little sad. But I am much more comfy in my skin than before . So I’m starting this self care series blog where I’ll give u detail on self care topics , tips and my own experience . I think is important to always lead by example and i try so hard for the everyday woman.

Self care is taking care of your mind , body and soul . Every topic is a long meaning and sub topics . I taught myself about self care and through it I learned new things about myself like I didn’t know how strong I was. Self care is not beating yourself up in the gym to look like the next Kim k. No take your time, everything is time and every journey is different. I’ve give you what I’ve learned and my experience but your journey will be different from mines.

Self care is taking time for yourself, like a spa day or just not afraid to indulge . Is okay to treat yourself . If you deserve it , he’ll yeah treat yourself .i use to always feel bad for myself for spending on a spa day so I stopped doing it . Or someone will make you feel bad as well because I spend it. Well there’s ppl that don’t have anything but I always contribute my share in my check to support a organization of my choice . I’ve been doing this since I started working . If you can treat yourself and you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor then go for it don’t feel bad for it.

Self care is finding happiness within yourself. Self care is not beating yourself up or competing with someone else . It irks me when i see woman competing with each and degrading each other and that makes them hurt themselves. Please don’t do that. Work on making yourself a better person .

Self care = Making yourself a priority

Stay tuned

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