Self care

Self care series: take care of the mind

Self care series:
My New Years resolution for 2016 was self care. was created based on my self care routines and beliefs. My important goal was to prioritize myself in mind , body and spirit and I did however I’ll make that my New Years resolution for 2017 again is like a continuation. Self care is so important for success however is sa journey is not something you have overnight. I was very focused on prioritizing my mind body and spirit but I was more focus on prioritizing my mind because it has bee neglected for so long that I needed to refocused.

This is part of the self care series I am conducting (you can refer to the intro ) . The mind is the most powerful source in your body it literately controls your life . I always preach positively because it creates a healthy mind . When you are so negative you create an unhealthy state of mind. How can you create a healthy mind. Is sort of simple but it will take time. It took nearly few years and daily practice to create a healthy state of mind. This is how I did it

1. I removed any negativity from my environment. If it was a person , place or thing I removed it from my environment. When you removed negativity is less than likely that you’ll start becoming negative. When you keep negativity around you will not stop being negative.

2. Read books. When I started this journey , I started reading a lot of self help books. You don’t necessarily can read only self help books, however reading helps you reduce stress, develops knowledge and vocabulary. It also helps you stimulate your mind.

3. Meditation. Is started meditating about 5 years ago. I do it about 20-30 minutes a day. Some people do it for even longer. Meditation helps you be stress free, aging process slows down, it helps appreciate life more , it reduces your risk of depression and anxiety. If you never tried it try doing for 10 minutes a day it really helps.

4. Exercising. Exercising helps you reduce stress and builds happiness. Next year one of the things I am trying is Pilates and yoga. I just found a yoga studio so is good. If you can find a gym that can offer you classes and equipment that will be great.

5. Prayer. For me prayer has been a meditation plus a form of appreciation to god . I pray everyday twice a day . I say thank you for all its blessings.

6. Start your day with positive affirmations. Or I drink Yogi tea every morning and it always says positive affirmations. Affirmations helps you develop happiness and gratitude

Positivity is so much better than negativity. Is better to be positive than negative ….. And wait I forgot LAUGHHHHH as hard as you can it creates happiness

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