Self care

Mental disorder

A topic that many don’t like to discuss because of their own reasons. I’ve never been ashamed to discuss it. I have a anxiety and was diagnosed with depression. Anxiety and depression are a mental illness . I started dealing with depression when I was 16 and I had my first anxiety attack on my 23rd birthday. If you suffer from depression and anxiety don’t be afraid to discuss it because their may be people that are in your position.

If you never experience anxiety, I’ll give you a glimpse of how it feels like to me. Your body starts getting very tense and your muscles starts getting weak. You start feeling this high like your brain just received a message and it’s ready to respond. I always look at my hands when I feel like I’m getting an anxiety attack. They start to sweat and if I feel a slight of weakness in my hand . My vision starts to get blurry and I start feeling a fatigue feeling coming. Omg my chest starts to tightening up and I feel like I’m grasping for air and then I feel like my breathing just stops and I start to hyperjuvena. That folks are my anxiety attacks . I got my very first one on my 23rd birthday, yes on my actual birthday. After that I took therapy for one year and then I was to control my anxiety through meditation. Now my anxiety didn’t go away. I thought it did but it didn’t. I started getting frequent anxiety attacks I went to the ER twice . I just had one a few days ago. Is something that I always need to control through calm, relaxing techniques . I refuse to take medication becUse through natural remedies it can help. Anxiety is no fun and many Americans go through it however people don’t talk about it. Some feel they’ll be judged or don’t feel comfortable talking about it. If you know someone that’s going through anxiety , don’t judge them, u may be in their shoes one day and no we can’t just “get over it” is not something u can get rid of overnight. Is like a burden and you feel something is going to happen and your breathing gets heavier and heavier. And Oh lord when I get stuck in the train I feel like I’m going to die(I’m not) but is a mental thing and is hard to get it to go away. But yes I’m trying . I don’t like traveling on a plane for too long because I don’t like to be stuck there for too long. On my last plane ride , 4 hours I fainted. That’s a lil in sight into my world.

Depression I suffer from it since the age of 16. Anxiety started because of depression and I took therapy for it. It was very hard because once again is not something u can’t just get over it . After my first anxiety attack and my first therapy session , I began doing self development and it took years to get to the point where I am. I always find ways to improve and I practice self care a lot because of the mental issues I have gone through, I have to put myself first mentally, emotionally so I won’t get back to that place.

Please if you see someone that’s going through depression, don’t judge them. You don’t know what a person is going through so please refrain your insensitive comments to yourself because when you spit up the spit can come back to your face .

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