We all worked at a job that there were bosses but not enough leaders. You get very frustrated because you want to be a leader not just a boss. I have worked in the food industry for 7 years and 2 1/2 years I have been in a leadership role. I like to motivated my team to be better and grow. Some people don’t like that because they want their employees to stay where they at in position. Is important to help your people grow because then you grow. At a certain point you wanted to learn something and you were taught so why not pass it down.

Whenever you are in a leadership role, you want to teach and mentor. You want to leave an impact in someone’s life. An example is a girl I worked with when I was a regular employee I was just training new staff. I trained this girl with no food industry experience she just enrolled in culinary school and she was confuse on what to do. So she went to school that I went to so I showed her the ropes,what to do what not to do. I didn’t have someone to tell me what to do I kind of figure it out. Years later I saw her and she told me that all the advice I gave her helped get in the right direction in her field. She is now the head baker at a famous chain bakery.

This is what I learned from my experience on how to be a leader

1. A leader is someone that puts themselves in every position. When you get back there and start washing dishes to bussing tables to being a manager , you are leading by example because your employees will respect you more.

2. Be a good listener. Listen to your staff of their needs

3. If you want respect then treat others with respect as well

4. Spread the knowledge with others. I didn’t know everything like I do. Now so I like to teach others what I learned.

5. Be honest . I dislike when I see so called leaders spreading gossip about others.

6. Communicate with your team .

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