Life is about changes. If you don’t like changes then u won’t enjoy life. This year I can describe it as just that changes . Spiritually , mentally, physically. Changes can come out of no where and you have to find ways to execute them. I’ve always been a risk taker like literally from quitting a job and having no job back up to taking up a position that everyone avoids just because but I succeed . To embark on new business venture not knowing the outcome but believing in my dream, to men (oh lord ) to friends and family.

I just started her.ceo but I still hold a 9-5 job. When u start out you can’t just quit a job u need a job to maintain yourself while your business goes up. Recently there’s been a huge change in my 9-5, budget cuts have to be made and my position had to be removed. I had the option to take less money. I’m in a battle with myself because I want to focus 100% on my business Howver I still need a 9-5 . Do I keep a 9-5 job or just find a part time and focus on my new venture? What about my bills… These are the questions that I’m answering myself because I’m going into the entrepreneur life while still keeping a 9-5. What ever decision I make or whatever path God places me , I trust in his path that I’ll be fine. Everything will be fine and I’m moving forward with the changes.

I feel like everyone is embracing changes just recently I pass by one of my old jobs that have been in that location for years (6 years) and it closed down. It was a shocked and surprised. My very last job just moved to a new location and the other last job is having a new GM. My family life has been experiencing changes as well . Both of my siblings had a baby this year and both my parents retired… We all are coping with it. Changes are good and is a chance for you to grow and learn about yourself.

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