Self care

Benefits of journaling

I’ve been journaling since my teen years. I still have journals from 16 and I looked at them recently and I’m like oh boy have I changed lol. Journaling has helped me with my personal development. What does journaling do? Sometimes you can’t express yourself verbally so through words is better. Someone like me that’s an introvert had a hard time speaking with people so words were the way I express myself . Well words and dancing lol. What does journaling do , here are some of the benefits

1. Develops self confidence
2. It heals you from neglect
3. Mindfulness
4. It helps you achieve goals
5. It helps you develop your vocabulary
Journaling helped me through the tough times and helped me express my feelings. I’ve always been a writer and I love expressing my thoughts in different but journaling will always be number 1.

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