We all have a why, why we are doing something. Whats your why? what made you start this business, project, go to school, start that new job, etc. Whats your why? I have three whys. Here they are

  1.  Spending more time with loved ones: I’m 29 and I’m 3 1/2 months away from turning 30 and as I get older my priorities changed. During my 20’s, it was about building my career, my experience and evolving as a person. Now I’m at a point that I have reached the level that I always wanted and I want to fall back a little bit and put my family first and my career second. I want to be able to work from home while still making my own schedule and making time for my family.
  2. More creative control : I am a very creative person and like to express myself and most of my career revolved working in a corporate environment. Corporate companies usually have a set system and they have little to no input to outside ideas. I’ve battle with this most of my 20’s because I always wanted to put in something new that I know the customer would like but the company wasnt having it . With my business, I get to build my own schedule my own products and say what I want.
  3. My mom: My mother is a good woman, a very good woman. She has the old school Dominican mentality. Shes smart for someone that grew up very poor and doesn’t have a lot of education. However, she limited herself to do things in her lifetime. I want to prove to her that you can have it all and you don’t have to limit yourself to one thing. sky is not the limit is just the view. 

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