We all know the feeling when we fail at something. We then beat ourselves up over it. I was like that, I use to consider myself as a perfectionist but the truth is I am not. When I failed at something I would get depressed for weeks even months. I recently failed at something and I’ll share it with all of you. I was at a management job for 10 months (my shortest job ) and it was a very stressful job to the point that I started to develop anxiety attacks. I decided to leave the job earlier this year and I felt like a failure because I could have handle it differently. I thought “well maybe if I did this would have not happened”. I struggle with that guilt for the majority of 2016.

Quitting my job earlier this year was a blessing and here is why:

  1. I discover myself
  2. I started her.ceo based on my personal experience
  3. I have two new jobs that everyone has been a blessing in putting me into the right direction
  4. I have more time with my family
  5. My head is clear
  6. I put time into myself
  7. I’m more positive

I had to do a lot of self-development, self-care to get over that. The truth is failure is just a way god leads you to the right direction. Is another way god helps you to go back to basic and figure things out again. Failure is okay there’s nothing wrong with it. Is actually crucial for success you need to fail to succeed in business and life.I think that we are ashamed of failure because is more popular than success. You know only whats good for you and everyone makes a mistake so if someone is pointing a finger at you for your mistakes, eventually in life they’ll be in your position. Don’t focus on the opinions of sheep’s focus on yourself and your failures. Look at them as a blessing. As a step in the right direction.

Here is an article from forbes Magazine about failure. Have a good day


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