Dear summer ’16

Happy Labor day . I’m off from work today and it feels amazing. I’ve been working non stop the past few weeks so is only right if I get a day off on Labor day. Anyways, labor day is also the unofficial last day of summer . Well, you know the pools close and the beach closes. The last day of Sumner is really in late September but the fun stops on labor day. My summer ’16 has been One amazing one let me just say. I only had a self discovery but I also experience new adventures. 2016 started off not so very well, but the summer made it up for all the challenges. Here is my letter to Summer ’16

Dear Summer ’16,

Thank you for the road you took me that I so needed it. Thank you for endless pools days at riverbank state park on Sundays and the McFadden hotel pool bar in Brooklyn. Yes I am a pool girl I love the pool and no better way to enjoy the pool then with a drink in your hand and reading a book. Shout outs to sofritos on 145th street for their hennesy coladas. After the pool on Sundays we will go to get a drink at the concession stand. Omg , my late afternoon right before sunset jogging sessions. I discover how more beautiful nature is . the beautiful sunset I saw myself reborn with a new found appreciation to life and nature. The NYC sunsets are the most amazing. If you happen to be in NYC during the summer go near the waterfront there are plenty in NYC and just sit there and hear the water talk. … Omg I didn’t learn how to ride a bike but I did 

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