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Organize your to do list

Hey yall,

The new week is always new beginning because it symbolizes a new to do list tasks. I like to get organize in my to do list . I write everything in my journal. I just list them down and start checking them of as they are done. By the end of the week (Sunday) , I check all my to do list and make sure it is done. If is not I rushed to finish it . once the weeks to do list task is done, I start writing the next weeks task so it can be ready by Monday .

You always want your goals written down somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a notebook. You can do a post-it board with the days of week to do task . you can break down the to do task by day. But have no more than 10 goals per week. Is important to complete goals , however is important to focus on every goals. Dont rush your goals, review every goal before checking of . always plan and execute it

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