How to managed your employees

Happy Monday!

Ive been working in the Food industry for 7 1/2 years. Ive been in a leadership position for about 2 1/2 years. Ive learn a lot and I’m still learning. If you reading this post you probably have been managed by someone and you may have your opinions about them. My first time as a manager I made major mistakes, (Oh mistakes are okay don’t worry about it) so i always try not to repeat them on my next one. I learned that to be a BOSS you have to be a LEADER first. You can be a manger but it doesn’t make you a leader and many companies have  a lot of managers but no leaders. What makes a leader? someone you can learn from, someone that motivates you to do better , a teacher, respect others. You want to keep your employees moral up not down.  I worked with managers that were GREAT at running a business as far as sales but were dictators and unfair people. I worked with other managers that were great and teaching their staff but kind of so so running a business. You have to have a balance. But your employees are your first customer treat your employees with respect and they’ll return the favor to you. Here are some tips on what I learned since Ive been in a leadership role.

  1. In business you cant be too nice. Be firm but fair. In my last job I was way too nice with the employees. My bosses had an issue with it because they felt that the staff were getting away with a lot. Which partly is true. Be respectful towards them, firm but your job comes first. If the regulations say don’t do something don’t do it. Like I had a habit that people were always late but however I would never write them up or speak to them about it and obviously they’ll get away it. Later it affected other staff members. Put your foot down.
  2. Point out the good in your employees instead of the bad. I see this many times, mangers like to see what employees are doing wrong and that brings the employee moral down. Point out what they doing right and what they have improved. If they are lacking in something coached them properly but don’t pick on them.
  3. Lead by example. You are the leader first, don’t tell something to an employee and then later you do it. They’ll loose your respect. I worked with a manager that always had her nails done and the food industry you not suppose to. I came one day with my nails done and she told me to take them of. I immediately told her well you have yours done. Her response was shes a manager she can do whatever she wants. NOOOOOO bad managing styles. Lead by example always if you want your employees to respect you.
  4. Teach, spread your knowledge.There was a time when I didn’t know shit , someone taught me. I had a manager that never spread her knowledge. She was good at running a business but didn’t share her knowledge that left most of her employees not knowing anything for their next job.
  5. Be patient. Being a boss you have to teach , lead and learn as well. You’ll need a whole lot of patience.
  6. Do not have favorites. This was a mistake that I made in my last job. I became friends with some employees and that created tensions with other saying that i prefer them over anyone else.  If you have favorites keep it to your self/.
  7. Be open to criticism. Some managers do not like to be told what they are doing wrong and try to be spiteful with employees. If you cant take honest feedback about your work style you shouldn’t be a manager, plain and simple. I was doing a lot of inappropriate things and an employee point it out to me and i immediately changed it. If she didn’t tell me I wouldn’t know what they doing wrong.
  8. Don’t be a dictator. You can have your point across with out intimidating your employees.
  9. Be a visionary. Some employees need a little pick me up because they don’t have a vision. Give them a vision and explain it to them.

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