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Love your body

I know so many woman including myself that go through this. I am a curvy girl with  a big bottom body. When I wear anything tight i get looks from people mostly men and that makes me feel very uncomfortable. They cat call or make you ashamed of your body. I don’t like those so I rarely wear anything tight but when I do I am so very Uncomfortable and I know many woman are on the same boat with me. When I entered my 20s i was a size 6 , 27 (But super unhealthy) , Now I’m a 10, 39 but healthy and for the first time in ever I think, I am very comfortable with my body. But is that society  make us ashamed of our own bodies? Tess Holiday a model, society refers to her as a PLUS SIZE supermodel , she shows of her body proudly , but people make her feel ashamed of her own body. Or like a skinny girl that or a girl that got cosmetic surgery . Us women we need to fell proud of our bodies and not let society make us feel ashamed of our shape.

Body shaming in all shapes needs to end. If you too skinny is bad and if they see you gaining a little weight is bad too. I see how much pressure the media places on celebrities and that gives woman pressure to look like them. Why cant we just take our time in getting to where we want to get without feeling a certain way. Reality is we all were built a certain way and everyone’s body does not process the same. I remember me saying that I want to have J.LO body when I’m her age but then I don’t know how I’m going to look like when I’m her age. I’m focusing on right now \ at age 29.  Remember this ladies, Love your body , if you allow society to make you feel ashamed of how you look then that’s something you need to work on. I remember being 20, 21 and hated wearing a two piece because how people would look at me. I’m extremely comfortable with my body now then i was 10 years ago and I’m approaching my 30s very soon which means  my skin is getting flabby and metabolism is slowing down. Ladies love thy self first and always and love your body

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