Something new

Okay ladies, I just got home from my 3 mile power walk. Is the end of the month and started to think about all my accomplishments of the year. This has been the year of self care (of course) and NEW. Trying new things. I’ve been working in the food industry for 7 years and I’ve mainly been working with coffee. I recently took on a new project that dealt with wine and Italian food. I’m not gonna lie I’ve always avoided Italian food because it was a little intimidated to me . But it was a project I couldn’t refuse. Am I nervous? Hell yeah. Am is excited? Hell yeah. I’m learning everything about Italian food to the Italian culture. I’ve barely worked with wine and I don’t know shit about wine however , I’m super excited about this. I am being taken out of my comfort zone and being uncomfortable is a good thing because you can challenge yourself

I also ran my first 5k run. A marathon has been on my bucket list forever and I finally started with a mini one. The big one I want to do is the.half marathon. Exercising and training at 4 times a week is a way to get me here. I was always afraid to run even a 5k because I had an anxiety problems. I finally decided to face my challenge. Do what you are scare to do and see what happens. Hey you never know.

2016 so far has been the year of new things. New job, new business, new friends, new horizons. I think god has given me these things in front of me so then I can see that those things are meant to be in my life. My next goal is the drivers license . is my biggest fear . if you live in the New York area you know how NYC driving is , not cool. But I’m facing my fears.

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